来自电商前辈的英语日志”To be a better man”




June is the last month of first half year which is also a month including lots of important events such as entrance examination for secondary school, college entrance examination as well as the graduation season. The current undergraduates are supposed to have a substituted post examination before the graduation while most of them haven’t made the preparations both mentally and physically, meaning their mindsets are just like the moment they have in the colleague.



Indeed, college can be considered as undergraduates’ ivory towers which are so dazzling that a large amount of them can’t adapt to the society. They have no idea what they are going to face. And as regards companies, they are not special at all, just like the ordinary people.



Some say that they considered university as a place of mystery before everything starts. However, they realized after finishing college that the college is just like a small society for they would have to face more troubles and pressure after set foot on the society.



my friends Tina, who is going to graduate this June. After finishing all the courses in thecollege in November, she managed to find a company to fulfil her internship.



Nevertheless, things didn’t go smooth at all. At the first week after she entered the company, Tina complained that she was stressed-out due to the strict requirements from her manager. The manager reminded her of how to do from time to time. And her manager divided 4 persons including Tina into two groups, in the purpose of creating a tense atmosphere.



It can be told from the manager’s behaviours. He published the exposure of products everyday which worried Tina a lot. Tina considered her partner as a person who was able to do nothing. And the other side, the another group was fairly excellent in performance. She was haunted by the anxiety with the competitive atmosphere. She also said that the manager thought she knew everything while she didn’t. I reminded that she could have a conversation with her manager. Astonishing me a lot, she said that she’d rather do it herself for her manager seemed difficult to get along with.



What’s more, Tina felt that she got excluded by some colleagues which made her unable to work. She often shouted out loud that she wanted to quit.



Later, I happened to see Tina’s MOMENT that she managed to take the first order in her life. In my eyes, it’s a very splendid thing to celebrate. I wanted to congratulate Tina while she said that she picked the order in a fog. Then her boss greeted them and encouraged them to struggle and prepared for the fair on March. However, Tina told me that she had no intention of attending a fair for she was afraid of that.



As far as I am concerned, Tina has more thing to do while she still complains the surroundings. Her manager might be impatient but he did well. I even considered her manager as a good leader. By creating tense atmosphere, he managed to motivate the novices so as to help them get the hang of the job and paved the way afterward.



Tina couldn’t progress since she was too shy to connect with her manager. She reckoned that she could muddle along and explore the road on her own. Just like a person who tried to cross a river she’d never crossed, the navigator reached his hands to her while she was too shy to grasp them and chose to fumble. We are supposed to know that there are not much time for us to cross the river by feeling stones. Since we have a good navigator, we should ask them for advice modestly and learn the knowledge.



Besides, I was about to congratulate Tina when Tina picked her first order and then I found out that she deserved no compliment. The moment her boss encouraged her to endeavour to attend the fair on March, she took the easy way out by expressing she had no intention of doing that.



After leaving the ivory tower, we are on our own for everything. We should take the initiative to consult others or novices can’t ever progress. Strive to be better and move afterwards so as to fulfil our dreams.



All you need to do is to catch up yourself who is granted with high expectations.